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Erotic Paranormal/Shape-Shifter
Sensuality Rating: 3 Flames
eXtasy Books
ISBN# 1-55410-776-8
92 pages
eBook - Available July 2007

Rating: 4 Enchantments

Melissande Simpson’s life is about to take a turn in a new direction. As far as the magical community is concerned, she does not have much power because she is a half-blood. But the power that she does have - the power of the Archive - is a rare and precious thing that many would like to get their hands on to control. There hasn’t been an Archive for centuries. Now that her secret is out, Melissande is on the run from the Council of Realms.

Sirnel is a part of the neighboring pack. He is immediately attracted to Melissande, and will do whatever it takes to claim her as his mate. He will need to prove his physical strength, as well as use his mental connection to win her.

When Melissande, nicknamed Jinx, decides to hide at her grandmother’s old cabin in the woods, she doesn’t expect company. But when two werewolves show up at her door informing her that that all the local werewolf packs are assembling to participate in a contest to win her, she realizes she doesn’t have a choice. Picking a mate from the pack is better than ending up at the mercy of the domineering Council of Realms. To make it more complicated, the grandfather who disowned her because of her half-blood is trying to stake a pack claim on her. Resigned to allow the games and take a werewolf mate, she can’t help but hope that Sirnel from a different pack is the one that makes it and not someone from her grandfather’s pack.

This is one series you won’t want to miss! Fantasy, humor, and romance all thrown together. As I had not read the previous three novellas, I was a little confused in the beginning, but quickly caught up. I am sure my experience would have been enriched if I had read the stories in order, but I was surprised at how quickly I fell in love with all the members of the Half-Blood Club.

Jinx is a great character - loving and generous with those she likes, but a terror to those on her bad side. Her gremlin is the perfect pet for a half-blood werewolf, and added a lot of the humor in this tale. The pack games for her hand sound like a grand time and it really allows Jinx to show what she is made of, that she is more than just a possession. Sirnel is a fantastic mate - fierce, hunky, and supportive. He really thinks about Melissande and takes her feelings into account whenever he can. While this is a great story as is, I would have liked to see it expanded with a more in-depth look at the characters.

Ms. Grace can be reached at or through her website at She has a monthly contest for readers who send her a review, and other goodies and drawings as well.

Enchanting Reviews
August 2007

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