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MASQUERADE: VOLUME 3 by Desiree Lee, Yolanda Sfetsos, Kate Sterling, Katrina Struss, and Nikki Watson

Erotic Paranormal Romance
Aphrodite’s Apples
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Rating: 4 Enchantments

UNMASKED – Kate Sterling: 4 Enchantments
When Morgan receives an invitation to the ball on Arcadia Island, she knows the wish she wants granted: to have one more night with the love of her life… without hurting his wife.

The goddess Aphrodite sees fit, however, to throw a stumbling block in Morgan’s way. She has to find Derek before midnight, at a masked ball!

Instead, Morgan finds Brianna and Marcos, a married couple whose relationship is on the skids, and Morgan wants to help them spice it up. But when the couple is unmasked the next morning, Morgan has to decide if she’s going to run, or live with her new love.

I’m not much into erotica myself, but Ms. Sterling handles it excellently, making this story tastefully spicy. While there seemed to be a bit of a flow issue in the beginning, it quickly straightened out after Morgan and Brianna met. Ultimately, this is a good read and definitely adds to the character of the book!

UNDERWORLD CONNECTION – Yolanda Sfetsos: 3.5 Enchantments
Adora attends the Arcadia Island ball in black. She prefers the harsh reality of death to the pretend of fairytales. Her art shows it in every stroke of the brush on the canvas. She’s in love with death.

When she meets Hades, her god for the evening, she thinks he’s just playing her. She changes her mind when he whisks her into one of her own paintings, the place of the underworld.

Hades offers her a deal. If she agrees to be his companion, he will give her the wish she wants most, and undo what has been done. Adora has to choose – but what?

While the premise of this story was good, I wish it had run through a little smoother. I was particularly fascinated with Ms. Sfetsos version of Adora’s hell – one of her own paintings. In this way, Ms. Sfetsos makes pain, loss and pure hell very personal! I was impressed with her courage in tackling the subjects of death covered here!

TOP THIS – Desiree Lee: 3.5 Enchantments
Meet Trina, loser for two years running of the “Top This” competition she has with her best friend Lucy, where the only real rule seems to be, “It’s only illegal if you get caught.”

Determined to win this year, Trina does the unthinkable - she forges an invitation to the Masquerade Ball on Arcadia Island!

While there is a fiasco with her clothing, Trina shows up styling Desdemona from Othello, and her forged invitation in hand. There is some trouble getting in the door, but when a gentleman embarrasses the poor doorman, Trina is admitted entrance. Before she can thank her benefactor of the evening, he disappears.

Before long, Loki, the trickster god makes an appearance and tricks the tricker! Soon, Trina will get to decide if she likes having her trick treated!

This story really stands out in the book because it contains Loki, the Norse god of trickery, who is not at all Greek! There was also plenty of background information to keep the reader occupied and their imaginations working to see the place and happenings! I had to laugh at this one. The sex was well described and separated very nicely from the lovemaking. Kudos!

Aaron lives alone and works long hours. He falls asleep after working on his computer at home, and wakes into a dream where he is the center of attention. Everyone wants to know who he is and what he does. And one beautiful lady wants to know what wish to grant him. When Aaron requests to wake up, Aphrodite takes him to her own home to grant his wish.

Aphrodite makes it plain to Aaron that she’d like to keep him, while Artemis has other plans for him.

I’m afraid I didn’t really understand the title or the story, but that’s just me. It certainly had my attention for sure! I wish there had been more to this story, so that I would have better understood it. The imagery evoked throughout this work is beautiful. Every sentence carries a picture with it, and that takes true effort on the part of the author. Most excellent.

WINDSWEPT – Katrina Strauss: 4.5 Enchantments
Tempest, third year chemistry major at her university, receives an invitation via the wind to attend the ball on Arcadia Island. She chooses Aeolus, Guardian of the Winds, as her god for the evening.

As Aeolus cannot leave his home, special arrangements are made for Tempest to visit him at his dwelling in the Tyrrhenian Sea.

In a whirlwind of surprises, Tempest Rayne is given a makeover by the Three Graces, and whisked to Aeolus’s very door step. Once inside, she finds the Guardian hard at work in his central command station, keeping a studious eye on his Weather Bug!

Tempest is given the chance to meet the four Anemoi, horses of the winds, and to see Aeolus in action. Before long, a storm is brewing, and not just outside, but in Aeolus’s bed!

By far, my favorite! I wish this story had a chance to go on longer. I loved the idea of Tempest discovering the luxuries and helpfulness of hair color and make-up, even if it means thinking like a girl. I can totally identify with her on that!

The lovemaking was beautifully described, detailed without being crass or over the top. The author has created the perfect balance here. A true gem.

My overall opinion of the book is that it is a fabulous collection of works by some very talented authors. I can’t wait to read more of the MASQUERADE series, and see what other gods make their debuts.A must-read for anyone who wonders what the ancient ones might be up to today!

August 2007

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