Saturday, October 18, 2008

RETURN TO ZANDRIA by Christine Norris

Young Adult Fantasy
LBF Books
ISBN# 1-885093-51-9/1-897370-17-2

Rating: 5 Enchantments

Ivy's a young girl on the brink of becoming a young woman, who has forgotten her dreams, her fantasies, to live in the real world. Until one day her fantasy comes back to her and she will not let it go this time.

Connor, who I think, has the possibility of being the hero of this tale. A young man just a little older than Ivy, but in responsibility, years older. He lives in a world that Ivy had forgotten but he and his friends will make sure she never forgets again.

This is a great tale of the adventure of a young girl learning about true friendship and the lengths you will go to help save your friends, who just happen to come from another world, a world of dragons, fairies, unicorns and of course, the evil ones who will stop at nothing to stop the young friends from finding what has been stolen.

I liked this book because it brought me back to the kind of book I read as a young girl. And I still read them. It has all my favorites - Unicorns, Dragons, good vs. evil. and heroines and heroes with the courage to do what it takes to rescue a friend and defeat the evil one. This is one I will be buying for my 14 yr old daughter.

This author writes a great story and I hope she will enchant us with more of Ivy's G-rated adventures.

September 2007

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