Saturday, October 18, 2008

CENTAUR by Nobilis

Futuristic/Science Fiction/Action
eXtasy Books
ISBN# 1-55410-801-2
98 pages
eBook - Available now

Rating: 2.5 Enchantments

Dr. Opal Schild, a financially savvy doctor with a penchant for doing good work in the world’s worst places.

Sergeant Haffner (AKA Pholus to Dr. Schild) is more than your typical born-to-be a merc kind of guy.

Dr. Opal Schild’s life takes a sudden change of course when a mysterious oversized soldier shows up wounded at her jungle surgery clinic. With no ID, she names him Pholus after the mythical Centaur as he seems to share many of the same characteristic as the Greek legend. When Pholus awakes, the good Dr. finds out that nothing will ever be the same as now she shares a secret that could cost her life.

Nobilis blends an interesting mixture of future medical and military technology and old fashion sex into his story.

The book reads a bit chunky, areas of good flow that suddenly change direction into a new action scene that at the time does not transition well. Nobilis has a great potential in creating a good story with a strong underlying plot by not writing the story to be a movie, but to be a story. He has proven he can create good visual imagery but needs to add a bit more to the substance of his characters beyond their sexual encounters.

Rowan E. Wagner
August 2007

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