Saturday, October 18, 2008

THE KNOWING by Larriane Wills

Swimming Kangaroo Books
ISBN# 1-934041-11-4/1-934041-12-2
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Rating: 5 Enchantments

Let me introduce you to a young girl who is not in control of her life. Who is told what she can say, think, feel, and wear. She has never known any other way until one day she meets a man who challenges her to think for herself. A man unlike any she has ever encountered. Who gives her the courage to think and dream for herself.

Now for our hero. A man we first meet as a boy on his way to becoming an adult. Who encounters various people who shape who he is to become. A man with a gruff exterior that helps him hide the feelings that he is having for the girl unlike any he has ever met. A man who barely trusts his friends because of a past he is running from.

This is the story of two people of very opposite stations in life, who are drawn to each other even though they do not understand it. Could it be destiny? Only time will tell. But first, they will have to overcome the wall between themselves and the political maneuvering of those around them, the ones that only want to use them for political gain. Even their friends could become their worst enemies. They will have to learn to trust each other and become what they were destined to be.

I loved this story. It had a lot of the elements I like in a story – mystery, fantasy, and romance. It keeps you guessing from the beginning of the book until the end. You wonder about the true nature of the hero and heroine, just knowing there is more to them than even you can guess. You get so involved in the story the characters make you either love or hate them. You cheer on the good ones and you want to slug the bad ones. Read this book - trust me, you will like it.

I do not know much about Ms. Wills but she is a dang good author. Maybe one day, I will get to interview her and can tell you more.

September 2007

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