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Ellora’s Cave
Sensuality Rating: S-ensuous
ISBN# 9781419911507
112 pages
eBook - Available August 2007

Rating: 5 Enchantments

Lucy Divine wants to make it big in the professional world. She has her career all mapped out, and she knows she’s damn good at what she does. So what better place to start than as personal assistant to a renowned investor?

Said investor is Patrick Holden. A man of dark, sizzling and brooding good looks. However, the charisma is only outward. Holden is a devil to work for, the boss from hell – arrogant, conceited, and too confident.

Minds and fantasies are bound to clash when these two meet. Lucy grinds her teeth to work for him, bending to his every whim and fancy, as well as every unreasonable demand he puts before her. No wonder no one has ever withstood the job of his assistant for long! Patrick, on the other hand, knows he cannot afford any distraction – and his bombshell new assistant is seriously testing him.

Why would Lucy have this effect on him? The thought of her becomes all-consuming. There comes a day when all Patrick Holden wants to be involved in is, not business takeovers, but the takeover – hostile, if needs be – of his divine assistant.

If I had to summarize this book in one word, it would be breathtaking! Simply ‘divine’! I couldn’t resist the pun, but all jokes aside, this is one read you definitely want to get your hands on. I rooted for Lucy from the moment she appears, and I fell all the way in love with Patrick. Not to mention the delightful inclusion of Patrick’s eccentric mother and his oh-so-proper British butler. The sex was sizzling, but what really carries this book is Ms. Garnier’s delightful writing voice. Humor woven with perfect characterization and descriptive scenes kept this reader enthralled, and I bet they will keep all readers as spellbound.

Ms. Garnier, if I could give you more than 5 Enchantments, I would have. Ms. Garnier is a lover of life and its pleasures. Sex is definitely on the list. However, her passion lately veers more towards the imaginary worlds she creates with her strong, chauvinistic heroes and just as strong, sassy heroines. She loves hearing from her readers, and can be contacted through her author’s page at

September 2007

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