Saturday, October 18, 2008

HIGHLAND DAWN by Donna Grant

Historical/Dark Fantasy Romance
New Concepts Publishing
ISBN# 1-58608-955-2
eBook - Available now

Rating: 5 Enchantments

Moria, the oldest of the druid sisters from the prophecy, has always been strong. But when everyone and everything she holds dear is being threatened, her strength wanes and the future looks bleak. She has only one thing to keep her moving and her strength from failing completely, and this is Dartayous. Shame he doesn’t really see her either.

Danger, mystery, sandalwood and power - what better way to describe a man and that is exactly what Dartayous is. Dartayous, a Druid Warrior, is guarding the most perfect thing in the world and the only one to actually melt the ice wrapped around his heart, Moria. For years he has wanted her, but his own secret and curse keeps him out of the arms of the only true happiness he has ever wanted or needed.

Facing an indescribable evil, Moria and Dartayous find it may not only be their world and that of the Fae at stake but their hearts and souls as well.

Have you ever found a long lost friend? Well, that is what this book is like to me. As though someone from my past walked up and we became the best of friends again. I remember once meeting the Druid Prophecy sisters and hoped to find them again, but try as hard as I might, it wasn’t until I read this story that I realized I had found them again, and the story is intertwined in my heart once more. The best part is that I will never lose it or the vividly told people again, and I hope to see the story evolve more as Lugus gets the life he deserves.

September 2007

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