Saturday, October 18, 2008

GRAVE SIGHT by Charlaine Harris

Cozy Mystery/Fantasy
Penguin Berkley Prime
ISBN# 0-425-21289-0
Print - Available now

Rating: 5 Enchantments

Harper Connolly has had a rough life, from parents who definitely were not role models, to being struck by lightening. Yep, that’s right she was hit by lightening and survived. Though it did change her, she now has a few physical side effects, such as a bad leg and severe headaches. However the most shocking of these effects just might be that Harper can find to an extent, and know just how the dead really died.

Now I am not talking about seeing it happen as in a movie, well maybe I am, she sees it from the victims eyes. This is at least a very uncommon gift, so Harper and her step-brother Tolliver decide to help those who cannot talk anymore while making a living.

This leads us into Harper Connolly’s first book of the series GRAVE SIGHT. Here Harper and Tolliver travel to a little town Sarne, Arkansas. Harper is there to find the body of Teenie or Monteen Hopkins. Harper finds her, but she finds something worse, a long history of convenient deaths and unsolved murders.

Will Harper be next on the killers list? She truly thinks so since someone has gotten Tolliver locked up and now is not only hiring punks to beat her up, but also taking shots at her.

Can Harper and Tolliver survive this quaint and extremely odd little town or will it swallow them up and leave them scared for life or worse?

I have to say first off I am not a fan of Mystery novels; I do not particularly care for them. However, I loved GRAVE SIGHT. Ms. Harris has taken a freak accident and turned it into a gripping tale. From the moment I picked it up, I could not put it down, until the end. Ms. Harris does it again and I am hooked. Thankfully I have the second of the series and can begin reading it right now.

A true mystery but with a twist that only Ms. Harris can create and pull off.

September 2007

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