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CARNAL AWAKENING by Taige Crenshaw

Erotic Paranormal
Sensuality Rating: E-rotic Quickie
Ellora’s Cave
ISBN# 9781419911859
51 pages
eBook - Available August 2007

Rating: 3 Enchantments

Meet Shay Coles, a saucy and curvy size 24 woman. She runs a successful flower and art shop, has lots of diverse friends and loyal customers, as well as a huge, overwhelming family, and is just a little bit repressed concerning her sex life. Mainly because of a lack of one; and a tender heart caused by a cheating ex-boyfriend in the past. She compensates for this lack by having a wonderful fantasy life. She can’t stop the vivid erotic dreams she has been having about a sexy customer, Mikhail A’do Nis. She savors these nightly dreams because the reality is she would never say anything about her attraction to him and go looking for rejection.

A Zerican Sentinal from another realm, Mikhail A’do Nis is searching for an important plant, the Immortal Blossom, that is missing from his world, the Karvic Kingdom. He is drawn to Shay and can’t prevent himself from stopping in her flower shop, Exotic, even though the Immortal Blossom is not there; nor can he stop the Maerd Noisi dream visions they are sharing together. He wants to make the dreams a reality, but first he must complete his mission - and Shay Coles is a distraction he doesn’t need.

There are many interesting things happening in this book. For me, it also raised a bunch of questions. What makes the Immortal Blossom so important to the Selva sector of the Karvic Kingdom? What does it do? What is Shay’s connection to the Immortal Bloom? What is the significance of having a Noisiv Tseuq vision as Mikhail does? Who is Ms. Cramigla and what has she Shay chosen for? What are the rules and stages of the Luos Etam mating ritual? Are we going to see more of the numerous siblings and friends introduced in this story in the up-coming books? Is Mia the person she seems to be or something more? What part does Alenkic, King of the Renmus sector, play in the disappearance of the Immortal Blossom? After reading this story, only some of these questions are answered while many more are raised.

I have to say, what a unique start to a series. CARNAL AWAKENING sure awakened my curiosity about this new world and what is yet to come. This book has so much potential, but several ingredients were missing for me to rank this higher than 3 Enchantments. The first being - answers! Although I like a little mystery, I want to know the ‘why’s’ of everything by the end of the book; too many things were left unexplained. I am hoping that the next two books will be more of a completed story within a story. Some of the plot ‘turns’ seem unnecessary to this particular story (the 3 page explanation of the ex-boyfriend‘s cheating, Mia‘s interaction with Ms. Cramigla, Mikhail purchasing several of Shays favorite art pieces for no reason); they came from nowhere and didn’t really add much to the setting. The plot felt slightly choppy and unedited, and would have been better suited to a longer length. I think my main problem was the inadequate world building and prep work behind the book; at least it doesn't come through to the reader.

But on the plus side, the passion between Shay and Mikhail was heavy and intense. Especially the scene with the enchanted window - it will leave readers breathing hard. All of the characters (whether primary or secondary) are complex, colorful and vibrant. There are several secondary characters in this book that I can’t wait to read about in the upcoming stories. I will be waiting on pins and needles for the next installment - if only to find out the answers to all of my questions. If I have roused your curiosity at all about this novella, you will want to pick up CARNAL AWAKENING and read it today.

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Enchanting Reviews
August 2007

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