Friday, October 17, 2008

WIZARD’S BRIDGE by Karen McCullough

ImaJinn Books
ISBN# 0975965301
eBook/Print - Available now

Rating: 4 Enchantments

Alsa needs help. In order to save her village from its greedy neighbors, she decides to seek out a wizard to teach her magic. She gets more than she bargained for!

The wizard Korlen, or Master Korlen, as he tells her to call him, begins teaching her magic in his own strange ways. After he has her clean his home from top to bottom, he begins to put her through exercises to improve her concentration.

Before long, however, Korlen comes calling in the night to collect on his end of the bargain – to get an heir by Alsa. As their time together grows shorter, their relationship builds, and an heir is conceived. But when Alsa asks Korlen to help her defend her village and he refuses, a wedge is driven between them.

After their son is born, Alsa finds that she must go back to Korlen for her safety and that of her son. Will she be able to face Korlen again? Will he accept her with open arms, or hold her at arms length?

Ms. McCullough creates a wonderful fantasy world full of imagery and original ideas. I only wish there had been more time to develop this wonderful story – there were things I wanted to know more about! I was particularly enraptured with the idea of “feeling” the carrot. Never a more humorously serious lesson have I seen given than that!

Well done! I will be keeping an eye on Ms. McCullough for new books, for she has a truly astounding way of writing and wrapping reality into her work to give it a new spin!

July 2007

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