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SECRETS VOLUME 20: SURRENDER TO PLEASURE by Charlotte Featherstone, Amber Green, Dominique Sinclair, and Leigh Wyndfield

Action & Adventure, Capture & Bondage, Historical, Science Fiction, Thriller, Anthology
Red Sage Publishing
ISBN# 1-60310-000-8
ISBN 13: 978-1-60310-000-7
320 pages
Print - Available June 2007

Rating: 5 Enchantments

THE SUBJECT – Tyler has no idea what has happened to her. She only remembers vague impressions of what might have happened, of being drugged and mated with men who were more than men. She remembers another woman being with her. Now she is on the run from someone who thinks she is better off dead. Not knowing where to turn to or who she can trust, Tyler is only sure of one thing about the man who is following her and offering to protect her. Something about him calls to her and makes her feel safe.

Esau Kirkland is a wolf. His nephew and several other members of his pack were killed in the lab that Tyler managed to escape from after the earthquake. He seeks to protect her because she may hold the key to saving his pack. But she is more than just someone he must protect. She is his mate and nothing will prevent him from claiming her.

SURRENDER – Agent Madeline Carter is becoming to involved in her current case. She is to infiltrate the inner sanctum of Sebastian Maiocco and find out just how deeply he is involved in the dealings of mafia don Raymond Agueci. Sebastian is known to be his cousin’s New York connection. It is Maddy’s job to discover just how involved he is and to see that they are both brought down before anyone else dies. Instead Maddy finds that she is falling in love and crossing a line that she can never go back over. Is Sebastian who she thinks he is or has she betrayed the one man she covets the most?

STASIS – Osborn Welty, Oz, is Morgann’s CO. He keeps her temper reigned in and makes her stop and think. Then the unthinkable happens and Oz breathes in Stasis, an airborne drug that renders the body statue like. Although Oz can still think and feel he is unable to move on his own. When they finally get him back to the base Morgann finds out that the antidote is all gone and it will be ten days before they get any more in. So in the mean time it is up to her to take care of her CO and the sexual sparks explode for both of them. Then the antidote arrives and sends them spiraling into a primal mating that will change everything.

A WOMAN’S PLEASURE – Isabella, the Lady Langdon is falling in love with the vibrant colors and beauty of Constantinople where she and her husband are staying. Lord Langdon is the English ambassador. Unfortunately that is all he is anymore, at least where she is concerned. She is a woman reaching her prime and already he has discarded her seeing her only in the role as hostess and mother. What she wants is to be a woman and to find the pleasures of being a woman with a man who wants her. In a twist of fate she meets Julian Gresham and in the younger man finds the mirror to her soul. If only there weren’t so many things in the way…their ages, their cultures, and the tiny inconvenience of her marriage.

SECRETS VOLUME 20: SURRENDER TO PLEASURE is just that, a carnal unfolding of the hidden desires of woman and the pleasures they seek. Each story offers a unique and intriguing look into a woman’s place in society no matter the place in time. I especially enjoyed the last two books in the anthology STASIS by Ms. Wynfield and A WOMAN'S PLEASURE by Ms. Featherstone. However, I can honestly say that a reader will not be disappointed with any of the titles included in this volume of erotic delight.

Debbie H.
review found at ENCAHNTING REVIEWS and
July 2007 (read in May for Advanced Read Copy)

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