Friday, October 17, 2008

ALL TOGETHER DEAD by Charlaine Harris

Ace Publishing
ISBN# 0-441-01494-1
$24.95 Hardcover
May 2007

RATING: 5 Enchantments

Ms. Harris has created an all-new twist to the Sookie Stackhouse series. This New York Best-Selling author has brought Sookie back to us once again, with all of our favorite supernatural heroes. We are once again gifted with Eric’s seductive presence, and poor and seriously delusional Bill has returned, not too mention the newest and hottest mix in the batch, Quinn.

Sookie has to travel with the vampires to the Summit in order to provide her very unique gift as a service for the Queen. Before Sookie leaves our beloved Bon Temps, she is warned that it is a very bad idea by her new roommate the witch Amelia, but so does Claudine her fairy godmother. Yes, Sookie really has a fairy that is assigned to help her and guide her. Even though Sookie listens to the advice and knows that they may be right and going to the Summit is a bad thing, she goes with the vampires anyway. Not only does she need and want the obscene amount of money the Queen of Louisiana is offering for her telepathic services, Sookie gave her word.

Eric surprises her before leaving town with a very emotional spiel, well, from a vampire at least. Then when they arrive at the summit, not only does Eric shock her again, but so does Bill and Quinn. While there in the beautiful pyramid-shaped hotel, Sookie and the vampires stumbles on a murder mystery, and another attack against the vampires.

Sookie and Quinn have grown closer and yes, finally declared themselves as a couple. However, the ties between Eric and Sookie have grown and may jeopardize this budding romance. Not to mention what is lurking in both Sookie’s and Quinn’s past. I know all of this may sound overwhelming to you, but the weddings and bridal showers are even more terrifying to our gal Sookie.

I personally love this newest look into our favorite blonde heroine’s life. Although I missed Sam and Jason as they only had a partial role this time around, I will be reading this book again and again. Way to go Ms. Harris! I cannot wait for number 8 in the Sookie Stackhouse series. I give ALL TOGETHER DEAD 5 Enchantments and would go higher if I could. For those of you who haven’t read a Sookie Stackhouse novel or any of Ms. Harris’ books, I urge you to pick up one today.

July 2007

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