Friday, October 17, 2008

HE LOVES ME, HE LOVES ME HOT by Stephanie Rowe

Paranormal Romance
Hachette Book Group
ISBN# 0-446-61901-9
Print - Available now

RATING: 5 Enchantments

Meet Becca Gibbs and Nick Rawlings. Becca is Satan’s number one Rivka. Rivka’s are trapped to Satan's essence for all eternity. Becca has been harvesting souls for Satan for a very long time, one hundred years to be exact. She has killed and tortured someone very near and dear to her. She has also seen the jealousy in Satan’s eyes when anyone shows her concern.

Nick is a Markku, a being also created using Satan’s life force. Nick’s family and race were once Satan’s top assassins, souls stealers, basically whatever Satan bid the Markku had to do. However, the Markku escaped Satan’s control and now they are to be hunted down and destroyed.

Becca may have to follow Satan’s order but she has spent the last century finding loopholes to get her own way. The time has come for Becca to try to free herself from his life force and control. Satan finds out about her plot and decides that maybe he doesn’t need his top Rivka anymore. He sends Becca her own replacement to train.

During this wild and exhilarating ride to freedom, Becca and Nick meet. Nick is a half healer and as such his emotions are stronger than any she has ever met. His emotions are so strong that they begin to leak into Becca with the lightest of touches. This may not be a good thing, because everyone knows that Satan doesn’t share and all these new feelings of love and caring are going to get someone killed. Not to mention the purely evil souls trying to get revenge on Becca by killing her. And Nick has problems of his own. Will Becca get away from Satan? Will Nick save his people? Is there enough love in the universe to overcome all of the obstacles? The only way to know for sure is to read the book; be warned you will not be able to put it down.

Ms. Rowe has created a world not that much different than our own, which allows the reader to feel even more connected to the story. Don’t let the fact Satan play a role in this tale keeps you from reading it. The bowels of Hell are just as terrifying as you would expect, yet the love shown throughout the story gives you the impression that maybe it can and will concur all. This tale is the ultimate testament and example of good being inside everyone and that good will find a way to escape evil no matter the cost.

July 2007

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