Friday, October 17, 2008

A FEW GOOD MEN by Cat Johnson

Military Romance
Linden Bay Romance
Sensuality Rating: Very Sensual
ISBN# 978-1-60202-055-9
176 pages
eBook/Print - Available now

Rating: 3.5 Enchantments

Marueen Mullen aka Summer Winters erotic author, supports the troops with care packages and has become a pen-pal to a unit in Iraq. When her pen-pal is injured, Staff Sgt John Blake is forced to email her of her friend’s condition. This no-nonsense military man soon becomes fascinated with “Summer” and he can’t wait to read her email's. She brings him connection to life outside the war in the desert.

On a bet with the best friend, Peter, she begins double dating. When the first date goes horribly wrong, Summer blogs about it. Peter is horrified, but agrees it's funny stuff. However, it is a small world after all and John learns about her dating adventures. Who new a man could get jealous after only emailing a woman? Things get even more complicated when Summer’s blog is featured in one of NY premier magazine and her editor does’t want her to quit dating. Can she convince John she’s does’t want to do date anymore?

The author gives the reader a serious view into a "soldiers" life in Iraq and silly, complicated view of dating in NY. This is a good contrast showing us what the average American is doing while they are overseas. The heroine, Summer, is doing her part, but through her life and those around her we can see how much attention is paid to those serving around the world.

I liked Summer and John wanted them to get together. This is my only complaint about the book: the romance is slow to start; I wanted more of a connection between them in the beginning and it wasn't there. With the "Very Sensual" rating, I expected sex or sexual tension from beginning to end. That being said, it is does live up to it's rating, just later in the book. Web Cams, Instant Messages and email - really HOT stuff.

This reviewer applauds Ms. Johnson's view into military life in Iraq. Her scenes involving IEDS and the dangers our men and women face in Iraq are vivid. The silliness of dating in NY made me chuckle more that once. Pick it up and see for yourself.

July 2007

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