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Warner Books
ISBN# 0446616419
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RATING: 5 Enchantments

“Burn the heathens!” This seems to be the public outcry now that Kitty and her kind have been outted. But what can you do?

Kitty gets a call from Ben O’Farrell, her lawyer, and finds out that she’s been subpoenaed by the Senate to testify in Washington D.C. about her place in the order of “paranatural biology”. Since she’s been run out of Denver, Kitty’s been broadcasting “The Midnight Hour” all across the country, and now, she’s headed to Washington.

When she reaches D.C., she is quickly convinced to accept the Old World hospitality of Alette, Vampire Mistress of the City. Just as quickly, she is urged to shun the local weres, who are considered dangerous without an Alpha.

While Alette tries her best to keep Kitty safe, our favorite lycanthrope keeps herself moving. She meets up with the local were community, and quickly bonds with Luis, a Brazilian wereleopard who makes Kitty purr.

Kitty meets many interesting people at the hearings, including Senator Joseph Duke, who is convinced that the members of the paranormal world are the spawn of Satan; Dr. Paul Flemming, who headed up the Center for the Study of Paranatural Biology; Jeffrey Miles, a communications facilitator – read psychic; and the elusive Elijah Smith, the Faith Healer, or is he something more sinister?

Ms. Vaughn has hit just the right note with me here because she tells us more about Kitty as a person, with all of her thoughts and feelings. Again, the romantic element to this book isn’t necessary to keep the plot going, although it most certainly makes it a helluva hot read! I’ve read this book twice, and it had me hooked both times.

I’m impressed – yet again – with Ms. Vaughn’s ability to spin a tale and keep me on the edge of my seat the whole time, and sometimes even falling off it while I laugh my buns off. I highly look forward to reading more work by Ms. Vaughn because I know that she will provide something new, fresh, and exciting every time. Well, that and she’s an amazing author.

This book is one sweet read. Ms. Vaughn, I’m eagerly awaiting more of your work. It’s insanely awesome!

July 2007

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