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Hachette Book Group
ISBN# 0446616419
Print - Available 2007

RATING: 4 Enchantments

A closet werewolf as a night DJ sounds a little fantastic. But in KITTY AND THE MIDNIGHT HOUR, Kitty Norville is a closet werewolf night-DJ. She inadvertently turns her program into an advice arena, giving vampires and weres a place to call in and talk, while keeping her mouth closed about her own issues…Like not telling her mom why she couldn’t make family events. Major guilt!

While ratings on the show skyrocket, Kitty’s Alpha is none too pleased with the publicity, and neither is the local vampire Family Master, Arturo. Both are afraid that Kitty’s show will prompt a witch hunt and send everyone running for cover. The Alpha, Carl, insists that Kitty quit the show, but she won’t give up something that is finally hers and not the pack’s.

Soon Kitty receives a call that has her scrambling for cover from a bounty hunter who sounds only too confused about why he’s hunting a non-rogue werewolf.

The plot only thickens when a lesser vampire comes to Kitty to find out about a traveling Faith Healer who claims to heal Vampires and Weres, and the pack hierarchy seems to come undone.

Who set the bounty hunter on Kitty and why? Who is the Faith Healer from whom no one returns? Kitty is bound and determined to find out.

The title kind of threw me off, but the book is excellent! Ms. Vaughn can spin a tale. The real rollercoaster ride is in how this book is written. You come to a pressing conclusion in the book, and you think, ok, we must be done. But you turn a page, and lo and behold, here’s another piece of the puzzle to be solved! I love it.

The sudden discovery of Carl’s true nature seems a bit abrupt, but I suppose that if it’s that way for Kitty, it should be that way for us.

There is a hint of romance here, but it doesn’t overpower the story, nor is it key to keep it moving. A perfect balance has been struck.Kitty reminds me of mystery-solving Stephanie Plum, in a Sookie Stackhouse world, with a Meredith Gentry attitude.

Miss Vaughn, you rock my socks! Keep it up!!!

July 2007

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