Saturday, October 18, 2008


Contemporary Romance
Whiskey Creek Press Torrid
ISBN# 978-1-60313-070-7
eBook - Available now
Rating: 4 Enchantments

What is a girl to do with an obscene secret admirer, a heard of prolific pygmy goats, and the man of her high school sexual fantasies back in town, and hotter than ever?

In this Cinderella-esk story, we meet Cindy, a 29 year old virgin, aching to find a man who shares her desires (especially the kinky ones). Cindy is an artist-cum-rancher, due to her father being in jail for tax evasion. She has an “evil” step-mother and two wicked step-sisters that are interested only in partying and spending money, while Cindy keeps the ranch working.

Cindy’s “Fairytale Makeover Team” appear to give her a makeover fit for a princess, so that she will go to the Policeman’s Ball. At the ball, Cyn sees JT Randal, the bad boy of her erotic dreams.

Jake is back to help with his ailing father’s business. He spots Cyn at the Ball and knows that he has to have her. The heat is on high, until they are interrupted and Cyn takes off, leaving behind only a pair of gold panties.

Join Jake and Cyn as they explore their fantasies and relationship, and as they discover who is behind the threats to Cindy’s ranch.

I really enjoyed reading Jake and Cyn’s story. There was so much heat and passion, and just enough tension to keep you wanting more. This was the first time I’ve read Ms. Jans work and I will be looking for more in the future. I enjoyed her sense of humor and her writing style.

There was a mystery to be solved between the sex that could have been better developed, but was lost between the sheets. I was pleased that the mystery was solved, but it held such a small part of my attention. I was more interested in the development of Jake and Cyn’s relationship.

Cindy was a great character. She was shy, but brazen enough not to hold herself back. I found her insecurities believable, though I could not imagine waiting until I was 29 before I lost my virginity!

Cyn had a great imagination, and was lucky enough to find a partner that shared her sense of kink. Jake had magnificent Alpha-male sex appeal, which I absolutely loved. I could think of all kinds of fantasies I would like him to try out with me!

Cindy and Jake were both smart and very likeable and believable characters.

August 2007

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