Friday, October 17, 2008

ANGENI by Cricket Sawyer

Paranormal, Shapeshifters
Silk’s Vault
ISBN# 1-934055-56-5
eBook - Available now

Rating: 2 Enchantments

Angeni Shiku descends from Native Americans. In their small community, Angeni is somewhat of a loner, since she has certain special powers. She’s a shape shifter. She can morph into a spider. In her spirit form, she can also travel long distances in a blink.

Because of this power, her family has thought better to let her live as normal a life as possible, on the fringes of their community. Angeni also has talent, in the form of her voice. She does intros in a casino for bigger-name singers. Yet, her dream is to hit the charts solo one day. Consequently, she tries as much as possible to keep her powers in the closets of her existence. However, on certain occasions, she believes she needs to take justice in her own hands and uses her shape shifting to right wrongs.

For a few nights in a row, Angeni notices a striking man watching her from a table in the room where she sings. His name is Kaus Borealis, and he is into talent search. He believes Angeni has potential, and wants to launch her solo career.

Angeni feels a strange connection with Kaus, mesmerized by his honey-gold eyes. Yet, turmoil is brewing, since Angeni’s boss has other, bad, plans for her. Kaus wants to protect her, but will he be able to?

While I admit the story portrays the world of singing and backstage show business well, I am afraid to say the flow did not really work for me. It might be because I was constantly jarred out of the read by erratic punctuation, as well as misspelled names on quite a few occasions. At some point, even the hero’s name is misspelled.

Should this copy-editing side have been retouched, the story would really hold better on its own feet. The plot is original, as well as the characters. Description and portrayal is vivid, and Ms. Sawyer has a nice lyrical voice.

The first scene of the story also threw me off track, in that it might lead the reader to assume the story is one of suspense and mystery, whereas it has no such element afterwards. The introduction scene can be misleading in that aspect.

All in all, it is a fresh story, but the read could be helped by a grammar clean-up.

July 2007

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