Saturday, October 18, 2008

A TOY STORY by Hannah Murray

Contemporary Erotica
Ellora’s Cave
Sensuality Rating: S-ensual
ISBN# 9781419912122
92 pages
eBook - Available August 2007

Rating: 4.5 Enchantments

Grace Newman is a very happy and fortunate writer; the only problem is her new assignment by an even newer boss.

Ben Kettleman left once to play in the Major Leagues and succeeded. Now he was not only the hot guy from her past but also a highly successful scout.

Okay, so do you remember the one that got away? Well, so does Grace Newman, and the biggest problem is, he is back and wants to help her write her sexy column on couple’s sex toys. Benjamin had definitely come back to town, now if only Grace could keep him in her bed and not lose her heart all over again.

Can these two get the happily ever after that was once promised, or is a passionate (ha) friend all they will be to each other?

This is an inspiring tale and gets the imagination wondering and the blood a pumping, and even a tear or two to fall. Ms. Murray definitely has what it takes to draw the readers in and lose them in a highly erotic but somehow charming and warm tale of toys (and not the kiddies variety either).

August 2007

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