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eXtasy Books
Sensuality Rating: 3 Flames
ISBN# 1-55410-769-5
118 pages
eBook - Available now

Rating: 2.5 Enchantments

Sandy is a writer in her thirties with long blond hair who does well when it comes to attracting attention from the opposite sex. She also has something many writers wish they had. Her secret weapon in that vicious world of publishing is a muse of heavenly descent, which just so happens to be our other main character.

Tony, her muse, is very well built especially where it counts, with a great tan, wonderful blond hair, and blue eyes. He has a very unique way to inspire our young author.

As Sandy and Tony work together they find they have more in common than just work. As Sandy learns to deal with, and overcome some not so wonderful things that happened to her in the earlier years of her life, she also learns that her mother’s old-world views on sex were totally wrong.

Tony finds it hard to follow all the rules set out for muses of another dimension. It also becomes apparent who is his friend and who definitely is not, when it comes time to explain some of his actions.

As Sandy and Tony come together for many interesting and breath-shuddering meetings, you get a very good look into what is definitely an unabashed and sensually stimulating rendezvous with the man of Sandy’s dreams.

Ms. Fulk is good at painting a vivid scene. Her adult scenes are well written and easy to lose yourself in. However, I found the story very hard to follow. She had many dream scenes with different character names in each one. She also used a flash back. With so many changes in location and characters, I felt there was a lack of flow. It seemed as if she had many story ideas in her head and rushed to force them all in one book. I also found that in one chapter even the author had problems keeping the characters names straight. I felt that her story line would have been better preserved had she started in the past rather than using a flashback, and filled in with some non-sexually orientated material to guide you from one scene to another. I also believe she may have done better to write quite a few erotica short stories using a lot of her ideas for this book and binding them all in one book of short stories. That may have worked better because each of her dream scenes had a well defined beginning, middle, and end. I still think her over all vision is still very enticing and enjoyable, but should be perhaps a little better thought out and not so rushed.

July 2007

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