Friday, October 17, 2008

DARK DESIGNS by Madelynne Ellis

Erotic Fiction
Black Lace/Virgin Books
ISBN# 978-0-352-34075-4

Rating: 5 Enchantments

When Takeshi saw her, he knew he had to make her his. He had to get her attention somehow. He had to have her.

Remy Davis, a goth fashion designer who loves to fantasize about the men in the manga books, had just finished paying for them when a thief took off with her bag. After chasing him down, she found him in the men restroom in the park. There, Takeshi knew that if he wanted to make Remy his, he would have find a way to make her want him.

Remy invited Takeshi to her best friend's wedding. She designed the wedding party attire. She was also shooting a catalog for her business. There, she met Silk, who was just like the men she has fantasized about in the books she buys.

When Silk saw Remy, she took his breath away. The problem was, Takeshi was not about to let any man steal her away from him. Could they all find a way so that they each of them could have what they wanted, or was someone going to lose?

I found this book well written and I have enjoyed reading Ms. Ellis's DARK DESIGNS. I could not tear myself away from this book. Ms. Ellis puts you right there with her characters. Her characters are well written. They come to life as you read about them. They have emotional depth to them and you start to feel for what they are going thru.

July 2007

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