Friday, October 17, 2008

A DANCE OF SHADOWS by Edda Hawkins

Paranormal Erotic Romance
Loose Id
ISBN# 978-1-59632-500-5
eBook - Available 2007

Rating: 4.5 Enchantments

In war turned world, few keep the hope for the world to change... Like Magda and Tyric. Madga has been in love with Tyric and circumstances bring them closer together while searching for a suspected enemy. When she meets a former male lover of Tyric, Liam, Magda realizes that only when they’re together can they survive.

Stranded in a war-camp amidst a war, Magda - a camp follower with a far from simple past - falls for the bold Captain Tyric. Yet Tyric remains aloof; his interest runs to another.Tyric is forced to deal with a suspected traitor and has orders to kill the enemy. But with Magda at his side, he becomes conflicted by said orders. The longer they spend time together, the more the flames erupt and their passions ignite.

When Magda's friend and the object of Tyric's desire gets caught up with an enemy elf and goes missing, Magda and Tyric are thrown together against clandestine forces that threaten everything they care about. Their common goals ignite a powerful passion between them.But just as things can’t better between Magda and Tyric, Liam enters back into his life. A male lover from Tyric's past, arrives and Tyric cannot deny his need. Somehow Madga must convince them both that the three of them belong together in order for them all to survive. Only Magda can make the two men see they need each other and her to be complete - and to save the kingdom they love.

Ms. Hawkins has wicked cool sense of writing which she brings out in this erotic fantasy. This is one tale that is wicked and very erotic. It will keep readers spellbound. I definitely recommend this sensual tale. This isn’t your normal love story but you will not become disappointed after reading it. I will look forward to reading what Ms. Hawkins has in store for us next.

I give this an overall rating of 4.5 Enchantments.

July 2007

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