Tuesday, June 30, 2009


Red Dress Ink (Harlequin)
Sensuality Rating: Sweet
ISBN# 0-373-89554-2
$13.95 Trade Paperback

Rating: 4 Enchantments

Following a day that sees her dressed like the poster girl for The Scarlet Letter and the realization her boyfriend may not be the perfect man for her, Eve Crenshaw hops into a cab, deciding to leave Manhattan behind – at least temporarily – and head to Broome Isle, home of her best friend.

But her temporary stay in Broome Isle suddenly offers her a chance to make it a permanent one when she’s offered a job as a real teacher as opposed to the role of teacher’s assistant she had back in Manhattan. And when the opportunity to move out of her best friend’s cold barn loft and into a cute little cottage of her own, Broome Isle may not be as bad as originally thought -- especially when after a night of drinking with her two best friends, all those crazy wishes they made are starting to come true. And none of them can remember what happened after they opened the mysterious bottle.

I really liked this book. It took awhile to get used to the first person point of view with Eve and third person with Kim and Natasha but after a few chapters, it seemed natural and really fit the story. Loved the slight paranormal bent, though it could have been used a little more throughout the book.

All in all, WEDNESDAY NIGHT WITCHES is a great entertaining read by Ms. Nichols.

Enchanting Reviews
October 2007

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