Tuesday, June 30, 2009


Berkely Sensation
ISBN# 978-0-425-21831-0

Rating: 5 Enchantments

Leena Riley is a model running home, and though she has plans on returning, Rock Creek and the sexy Cole Flannigan may change her mind. Leena is what was known as a Plus-Size Model, though she was only a size 16. The modeling world is cruel to women of all sizes, and Leena's past teasing and lack of self confidence tears at her more than any other could. Forced to return home and recoup her losses, Leena ends up with a job at the local Vet office.

Cole knows something is up when the woman who once sucker-punched him returns home looking for a job. Cole, determined not to let the past haunt the future, gives in and lets Leena work for him. The fact that his office was never more organized was only a bonus.

So the shoot is ready and the games begin. Leena is bossy and opinionated while Cole is hot and a known ladies’ man. Strike one on both accounts. Another strike hits both when each ends up in the paper whether they wanted to or not. Third strike, well maybe not strike, is when they cannot seem to keep their hands off each other. That is, when they are not fighting.

Cole's and Leena's families, along with half of the town of Rock Creek, have decided these two are made for each other and the pushing and inopportune interruptions are out of control.

Others in this story are dealt with as well, such as Leena's sister Sue Ellen finally dumping Russ, and giving Donny the attention he so craves. Oh, and we cannot forget RCM or maybe it should have been nicknamed RCMV?

Ms. Linz is a true treasure to read. If you are looking for an endearing tale that not only makes you mad, but laugh as well, then this is the story to read. This author has created a wonderful heroine that any woman can find herself relating to, and a hero we want to kiss one minute and beat up the next. A humorous and unforgettable tale.

October 2007

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