Tuesday, June 30, 2009

RORY'S REGRET by Eva St. Croix

Paranormal Halloween Novella
Ellora’s Cave
ISBN# 9781419913693
eBook - Available October 2007

Rating: 3 Enchantments

One day a year. For the last 20 years, Rory’s and Dorian’s ghosts can only be together only one day a year.

Rory and Dorian lost their lives, tragically, on the eve of their wedding. They are now trapped in a world between the living and dead. Except on Halloween, the anniversary of their death, when it is the one day of the year that they may be seen by not only each other, but also a living person.

They are unable to go into the light until they are seen, together. Fearing they will never be able to spend eternity together, Rory and Dorian wander through public venues, hoping to attract the attention of anyone who may see them. Unfortunately, the only people who may see them must be in love.

This year is different. Dorian has been seen, but sadly, no one can see Rory. They struggle to find out what has changed. Why can’t anyone see Rory? They fear they may be separated for eternity.

During this search Rory and Dorian discover they were not wed before their demise. This is what has caused them not being able to go into the light, their unfinished business.

Now they must find someone who can see Rory. They must get married, therefore completing all business and allowing them to cross over.

When I really like a book, the words for a review just flow out. Sadly, this was not such a book. It wasn’t a bad story. I just felt that Ms. St. Croix rushed through the writing. I could not believe in the characters and was not drawn into their story. There was not enough depth for me.

I would have found it much more interesting if Rory and Dorian’s unfinished business had been to expose their murderer or even to stop the building of a mall where their house once stood. Not having crossed over because they did not complete their marriage ceremony, saddened rather than intrigued me. She did bring Philip to admit his love to Valerie, but I could not appreciate their storyline. I also felt bad for Ms. Delores, Rory’s best friend in life, because Rory never seemed to acknowledged her in the story, while Ms. Delores has tried for two decades to see them.

It seemed that Ms. St. Croix spent a lot of time creating detailed sex scenes, but the same amount of time was not devoted to the plot, which I thought was thin.

November 2007

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