Tuesday, June 30, 2009

THE EDGE by J.J. Massa

Contemporary Gay Romanctic Suspense
Linden Bay Romance
Sensuality Rating: Erotic
ISBN# 978-1-60202-058-0 (Trade Paperback)
ISBN# 978-1-60202-059-7 (eBook)
$6.99/$14.99 Print
164 pages
Available now

Rating: 5 Enchantments

Tyler Baker was hoping to start fresh with his transfer to the Philadelphia Police Force. The one thing he had hoped to leave behind - his past - seems to have followed him there. He couldn't get over the feeling that he and his partner were somehow set-up, but by who? He still doesn't know why he lived and Daryl die that night. He was still not over losing Daryl, his partner, his lover, his friend. Meeting his new partner Paytah changed that; black hair, deep brown eyes…and straight? …or was he?

Paytah wasn't too happy about taking on a new partner, especially one who comes from the elite silver spoon social statics, but he told his Lieutenant he would. Being Native American, his climb to be the decorated detective that he was came from hard work, not from social status. Could he look past those feelings he had and see the real man that Tyler was and not the rumors he had heard?

Between connecting together the murders that have happened since he arrived and dealing with his feelings about Daryl, was he ready to form a relationship with his new partner? And could his new partner fall for him? Could he find it within himself to open his heart to other man who was unsure about his own sexuality? Was there someone out there trying to kill him?

I love how Ms. Massa fills pages of THE EDGE with self discovery, true emotions, being true to yourself no matter how much your back is to the wall, and learning to trust your heart over the fears you carry inside of you. This is a wonderful book. I hope to read more from Ms. Massa very soon.

Barbara W
October 2007

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