Tuesday, June 30, 2009


Contemporary Halloween Quickie
Ellora’s Cave
Sensuality Rating: E-rotic
ISBN# 9781419913785
eBook - Available October 2007

Rating: 4 Enchantments

Annabelle Fortier is the perfect secretary and lets no one know exactly what is going on behind her prim exterior. Or at least that is what she thought. Now Annabelle is not so sure. Her boss and man of her dreams, both erotic and real Lowell Smith, has asked her to attend a party in where everything is possible.

Imagine walking into a house designed to play on every single sensual emotion. Imagine a house designed to push you to the edge. Now imagine yourself having to walk through it no matter how bad you want to run. You now know what Annabelle has to go through. She has to reach the end and hopefully into the man she wants to know so much more intimately than in the office.

MISCHIEF NIGHT is a night full of surprises for not only Annabelle but the reader as well. You are drawn in from the moment you begin to read it and are left suspended until the climatic end. Ms. Anson has given a very naughty twist to a night that normally focuses on children but now on those very needy adults. Here you will find not only tricks but oh so many treats.

Enchanting Reviews
October 2007

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