Tuesday, June 30, 2009

FIREWORKS by Evangeline Anderson

LGBT/BDSM Contemporary
Loose Id
Sensuality Rating: explicit, graphic language, and occasionally objectionable content
ISBN# 978-1-59632-517-3
26 pages - Sparkler
eBook - Available now

Rating: 4 Enchantments

Cops Nick Valenti and Sean O’Brian have been lovers for awhile and Nick has made plans to celebrate the fourth of July in a whole new way. After a brief time apart, Nick decides to let Sean know just how much he has missed him and adds a creative twist to their bedroom antics.

Believing that they are going undercover again, Sean dresses up in the leather that Nick has given him never knowing what the outfit entitles until he is handcuffed and at Nick’s mercy. What follows is a thoroughly enjoying romp that will leave both of them satisfied.

If you want a quick hot read, then Ms. Anderson delivers. She has written a story that shows the bond between the two men even in the middle of hot action. Two men, leather and handcuffs - what more can one ask for, you think. Until you read and get much more. FIREWORKS is an interlude that both satisfies and makes you wonder what is up next for Nick and Sean.

Note: This is the third story of Nick and Sean. It all began in the novel length, THE ASSIGNMENT, followed by the Christmas tale – I'LL BE HOT FOR CHRISTMAS.

October 2007

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