Tuesday, June 30, 2009

DECADENT by Shayla Black

Penguin Heat
ISBN# 978-425-21721-4
Trade Paperback - Available now

Rating: 5 Enchantments

Kimber Eddington, a general’s daughter and a wide-eyed but not necessarily innocent virgin, has sought out the one man who can show her how to become a woman in more than her age only. Kimber wants to be the woman Jessie McCall needs her to be, and that means being a part of a Ménage.

Deke Trenton cannot believe that she was in his home chatting away with his cousin Luc. Kimber didn’t belong there and he was determined to show her, especially when she asked him to teach her how to be with two men. Deke has another problem - he has wanted Kimber for years, and he cannot have her, for he cannot have any woman without Luc being around.

Luc Traverson has his own problem, but it looks like Kimber may be the answer to his and Deke’s needs. However, though hot and sultry Kimber is, he cannot seem to get her and Deke to agree to his plans.

Ms. Black has not only created a story of three people becoming intimate but also of one woman finally growing up, and two men facing their fears and their past. In DECADENT, you will find the meaning of this word repeatedly, but you will also find true love. I found myself rushing to the end and going back to savor it slowly only to hurry towards the finale all over again.

Be prepared to not stop reading until the very last word and then wanting to spend time with Kimber, Deke and Luc all over again. Thrilling and ecstatic 5 Enchantments for DECADENT.

October 2007

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