Tuesday, June 30, 2009

ABADDON by Elizabeth Donald

Cerridwen Press
ISBN# 9781419911224
eBook - Released October 2007

Rating: 4 Enchantments

There are several heroines in this story and they are nothing alike. One is a vampire and one is a cop. They are friends and will be working together, though separate, to bring down an ancient enemy.

The hero of this story, or again one of them, is Ryan. A vampire tormented by the thought of what was and what could have been, if it had not been for an evil that had not been felt in a hundred years.

This story is not a romance by any means. But it is a story of loss and revenge. A story of love and a hate that has lasted for a hundred years and that will not be denied. It is a story of fire. The fire of the human and the vampire hearts. A story of a hate that must be stopped or the vampire and human friendships that are barely holding on will be shattered because vampire consorts are being killed and someone wants the vampires to take the blame.

I liked this story even though it is not a romance, at least not to me, and I don’t think the author wanted it to be thought as one. This story has quite a few main characters in it and they all had their own story to be told and I am sure we will find out more about them in the future. I had a talk with this author after reading a few excerpts of one of her books and I told her she had a story telling ability to rival that of Stephen King. After finishing the book, I still believe that.

October 2007

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