Tuesday, June 30, 2009

ONE CRAZY SUMMER by Jenyfer Matthews

Cerridwen Press
Sensuality Rating: S-ensual
ISBN# 9781419910371
eBook - Available now

Rating: 5 Enchantments

Summer Donahue is a carefree soul who only wants to create jewelry. Or at least that is what Ben Martinez thought the first time he saw her. However, Summer has real problems and a real business behind her everyday wares. She also has a very real problem - her ex-husband and business partner Malcolm has left her in a lurch.

Summer does not know how bad it really is until Ben lets her know that she has money missing and not a few dollars either. Summer hired Ben to do her taxes and to keep her out of trouble with the IRS. What she didn’t count on was Ben offering to help bail her out of trouble, or to go with her on her search for Malcolm in Mexico.

Now can Ben and Summer find Malcolm and get him to give up his share in the business, all without killing each other or falling even farther in bed?

This story is a real modern day story of a knight in shining armor. The exotic location of Mexico heats up the tale, but the cold winter of Chicago is what sets everyone ablaze. Give this book a try; you'd be crazy not to.

October 2007

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