Tuesday, June 30, 2009

BETWEEN A ROCK AND A HARD-ON by Cindy Spencer Pape

Erotic Paranormal/Holiday Quickie
Ellora's Cave
Sensuality Rating: E-rotic
ISBN# 9781419912306
42 pages
eBook - Available October 2007

Rating: 4 Enchantments

Meet Twyla, a pixie princess, and Bram, a half-dragon male.

This holiday will be like nothing Twyla or Bram expected. Instead of going to a Coven celebration of Samhain - Bram for his sister, Dana and Twyla for her friend and roommate, Katie - Twyla almost gets raped by three satyrs. When Bram rescues her, they both fall under the spell of sex magic. They can't get enough of each other and complete the dragon mating ritual. The ritual of mating a dragon is marking her neck with his teeth, coming inside of her, her swallowing his seed, smearing her skin with his semen, and anal sex. But can Bram and Twyla fall in love in one night? Will they still need each other in the morning without the sex magic? Can a dragon mating ritual be undone?

While this may not be a deep story, it is a delicious read. This short novella will meet your expectations for a passionate, sizzling quickie. The heat between Bram and Twyla would scorch mere mortals (good thing one of them is a dragon and used to producing fire - I wasn't too worried when my computer started smoking). If this is a sip of Ms. Spencer Pape's writing, I can't wait to consume more. Next time, though, I will keep the fire extinguisher close by (computers are expensive, you know) and the fire department on speed dial.

You can let this author know what you think of her writing at cindy@cindyspencerpape.com or visit her website through http://www.goddessesofstorytelling.blogspot.com/.

October 2007

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