Tuesday, June 30, 2009

MAGICAL MAN LIST by Christie Walker Bos

Romantic Comedy
Cerridwen Press
ISBN# 9781419910845
eBook - Available now

Rating: 5 Enchantments

Who knew that softball could be so dangerous? Well, Samantha Stewart didn't. And now, after a spending some time playing the field, she got the home run of her life. Too bad it put her in a coma. Now Sam has to face the very real fact that she is very mortal and can wink out at any time. So Sam and her best friend Marta have decided to create a list, a Man List. In it, Sam puts everything she wants and needs from her dream guy and makes it so impossible that no one can fit the bill.

Bryan Williamson, pain extraordinaire - or that’s how Sam sees him - just might. He knows all the right things, fits most of her list and the shocker is that he says the one thing that Sam cannot deny, her secret line. Now Sam has to decide if the man who has caused her so much physical pain as her therapist is worth the emotional pain as well. But Bryan has a surprise of his own.

MAGICAL MAN LIST is told in first person perspective like you wouldn't believe. You not only read what she says but feel it as well. This story is for those who have given up hope, and begin to rely on a note on a Frig to get what they want. But if you want to know Sam's wish list, then you will have to read it. And it is so worth the time, and even worth rereading again and again. This is a knockout!

October 2007

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