Tuesday, June 30, 2009

COMPLICATED by Zannie Adams

Ellora’s Cave
Sensuality Rating: E-rotic
ISBN# 9781419911316
eBook - Available September 2007

Rating: 4 Enchantments

Victoria Ray is known as a no-nonsense librarian. She is always professional, quiet and even sometimes meek. However, when she is in the arms of Greg Stone, she becomes a siren.

Greg Stone has been helping his brother with his campaign and when he laid eyes on Victoria, he knew this election would set off fireworks. Greg is now a widower and though he made a deal with the sexy Victoria to be not only discreet but never to take their casual relationship any farther, Greg finds himself wanting so much more.

Greg and Victoria have a huge problem, well make that two – first, his daughter Carrie, who hates Victoria, and Victoria’s refusal to give any more than her body and passion.

Can these two get together outside of the sheets or will they find even they have gone cold?

This story is too sweet!!!! The denial of Victoria and the need of both of them keep you guessing as what the end will be. You find yourself taken away to the small and complicated world they live in, wanting more and more.

This reviewer cannot wait to see what new twist or tale Ms. Adams can come up with. When looking at this book, I was wanting something light and fun and came away with a story to remember always.

October 2007

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