Tuesday, June 30, 2009


Paranormal Romance
Loose Id
Sensuality Rating: Sensual
ISBN# 978-1-59632-478-1
eBook - Available now

Rating: 5 Enchantments

Alyssa is a young woman with a thirst for vengeance that knows no bounds. A woman hunting for one thing but perhaps finding the one thing she was not looking for. She does not count on finding the man of her nightmares turning into the man of her dreams... if she can just let down her defenses long enough to let him in.

Damian, a man who has not had a lot of tenderness in his life, was not expecting to find the one thing that could save his soul. He had given up on all emotions. That is, until Alyssa walked into his life and he sees such strength and resolve in her that will not be denied. And he is drawn to her like to no other woman. But will he help her in her quest for vengeance or hinder her?

This is the story of two people on a collision course with a life they never thought they could have. Both have such a painful past they do not know if they can get past the hurt to find each other. The feelings are ones that cannot be denied but will they destroy them both? Will they find the one thing that will save them both... love? Will Alyssa be able to get over a terrible act or at least live with it? Or will vengeance consume her? And will Damian be able to let her go after only just having found her?

A really likeable story. More than likeable, actually. It had an intensity about it that was unlike a lot of books you read. You could get behind the characters and feel for them. I liked the fact that the characters never let go of their resolve no matter the cost. They followed through with what they set out to do. I liked the way the story just flowed along. The characters were a joy to read about. You want the story to keep going and continue on.

This author has a flair for the paranormal that I hope never ends. I will be looking up other books this author has written.

Enchanting Reviews
October 2007

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