Tuesday, June 30, 2009


Contemporary Comedy Erotic Romance
Amber Quill Press
ISBN# 978-1-60272-093-0
eBook - Available now

Rating: 4.5 Enchantments

Angel Madison has finally relented and gone to her high school reunion. She wants everyone there to see that the nice girl from the side of the tracks is now a successful businesswoman. She only hopes her past does not come back and haunt her.

Giorgio Lorenza never forgot the woman who captured his heart and refuses to let her walk out on him again. True, the first time around, it was after his father had demanded he not see her anymore, but he should have been a man and not let her go.

The past has come full circle and Laurie, a Child once lost by Angel, is now found, and Giorgio gets a chance to make it right for both of the women he loves - Mother and Daughter. Only will Angel give them the chance or will the roles they played in high school tell how their love will end?

Ms. Riser has brought a very real tragedy in Romeo and Juliet back to life, and this time the heat could not have been any hotter and the ending never more perfect. I needed this story and found myself enjoy it and rushing to the end to see how it turned out.

A true classic for modern day times.

October 2007

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