Tuesday, June 30, 2009

UNDER HER SKIN by Mary Winter

Erotic Contemporary
Loose Id
Sensuality Rating: Explicit Sexual Content
ISBN# 978-1-59632-523-4
78 pages
eBook - Available August 2007

Rating: 4 Enchantments

Ari was in a horrible car accident, resulting in a completely shattered self-esteem and numerous scars crisscrossing her body. She is happy to be alive, but mourns the loss of her physical beauty. She plans a trip to Greece to recover from the many surgeries her body has endured. While there, she stumbles into a church worshiping the Greek God of Healing and falls asleep on the altar. She dreams of a man who makes her feel beautiful in spite of the scars. Too bad she has to wake up to the reality that no one could be attracted to her anymore.

Thantos is a plastic surgeon who admires Ari's courage and personality. Her inner beauty calls to him, while her outer beauty is not diminished because of the scars marring her skin. Thantos desires to give Ari her self-confidence back. He plans to wine, dine and charm her. Thantos has a secret - he is the Greek God of Healing that visited Ari in her dreams when she fell asleep in his temple. So making her feel beautiful should be simple for him, right?

I had high expectations after reading the book blurb. Unfortunately, they were not met; I even re-read the story a few weeks later to see if it was my mood, but still had the same lack-luster reaction. While this book has moments of wonderful prose and tender scenes between the two characters, I felt that the story would have benefited more if Thantos had been just a 'mere' mortal, instead of a God. That part of the story fell flat for me. The premise of the plot had lots of potential, but in the end, the delivery ended up as just average. It was not bad, but nothing stood out as exceptional or 'got under my skin'.

The characters themselves are the saving grace in this story, having been fleshed out very well with a nice balance of harmony and challenges. I am giving this story 4 Enchantments because it was well-written, original, and the characters had nice depth. UNDER HER SKIN is a comfortable, sweet read, although the f-word is used frequently (in the context of the sex scenes).

Ms. Winter is busy this fall with three new books coming out in the next four months. You can find the release dates or contact her at www.marywinter.com.

October 2007

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