Tuesday, June 30, 2009


Mature Adults - GLBT/Dark Fantasy/Yaoi
Lady Aibell Press
ISBN# 1-933400-68-4
117 pages
eBook – Available now

Rating: 4 Enchantments

Kendrick was one of the vampires left in the time after the great wars; others that survived with him lived in a small community with humans that they protected. Kendrick was hoping to build a better life for both races, knowing that his time on earth was almost over. He had spent too much time away from his covenant mate for whom he has search for over 360 years. If only he could find Byron.

Byron knew that he had live for a very long time, but could not remember why he had a long life span. Because of this he never stayed in one place for any amount of time. The only thing he could remember was waking up in the hospital tent so many years ago.

Finding Byron in the sanctuary was a God-send for Kendrick, but he knew something was wrong with Byron. Why couldn't Byron remember him? What happen that night Byron left him standing there after he left to go to stop their enemies, the Vladmires? Was it a trap for Byron and was their enemies still out there after all these centuries? Can Byron find his way back to heal him before it is too late? You will have to read the book to find out…

I enjoyed reading FULL CIRCLE by Ms. Cupnjava. She keeps her plot and sub-plots flowing in a real time and space. Ms. Cupnjava's characters are wonderful. They deal with real emotions and feelings and heartaches that any real relationship would go though. I would enjoy reading more from her.

Barbara W
October 2007

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