Tuesday, June 30, 2009


Erotic Romance/Hot BSDM
Tease Publishing
ISBN# 987-1-934678-11-4
eBook - Available January 2008

Rating: 4 Enchantments

A young woman named Roslyn is used to getting her own way, until she meets a man who makes her see things in a different light. But don’t be fooled by her. She has a lot more depth to her than meets the eye. Rane is a man who did not always get his own way. But he worked his way to the top to make himself a self-made man so he could get the one thing that slipped out of his hands - Roslyn.

What happens when two people are thrown together by the actions of outside forces? One knows of the reasons behind the capture but the other does not. In an interesting twist, the one who knows about the capture will become the true captive, while the captive will become the captor.

What a story! It was a little HOT for me (LOL, but I withstood it). I really liked the characters and I wished we could have learned a little more about them; this story was a little short. But I am hopeful we will see more about them in future books about this city. Ladies, this book was HOT HOT HOT! So if you can’t stand the heat, stand back from the fire. And SEXUAL PERSUASION has plenty of heat.

October 2007

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