Tuesday, June 30, 2009

SNOW, FIRE AND ICE by Randi Del Marco

Contemporary (Hollywood) Romance
Rosa Romance
ISBN# 978-1-880413-02-9
eBook - Available now

Rating: 2.5 Enchantments

In the beginning of story we meet Maxie, an insecure teenager, who was forgotten on the ski slopes during an avalanche evacuation. Swept away in the avalanche, she was fortunate enough to end up near a cabin. When she awoke she had no memory of who she was.

Philippe, a med student, found Maxie outside his Grandpapa’s cabin that he was sharing with his girlfriend, Renee. They cared for Maxie, until she got her memory back, only a few days later.
But in those few days, Maxie had developed a fascination with Philippe. She dreamed of his hands sensually running over her body, warming her. When Maxie’s aunt came to get her, she was sad to leave Philippe, though she was relieved to discover that her family did not mean to abandon her and really did love and care for her.

As Maxie grew up, she continued to fantasize about Philippe and dreamed of him frequently. They kept in contact via e-mail and eventually met up again.

The story was very difficult for me to read. I just could not connect with the characters. From the beginning, the author seemed to get her facts mixed-up. First Maxie’s mother was getting a divorce while she was in Montreal, but when Maxie’s memory returns, she is on her honeymoon in Hawaii. Huh? Renee was supposed to be French, but she had a German accent. That was very confusing for me to read.

I really wished that the author had sped through the juvenile stage of the character and developed an adult relationship between Maxie and Philippe. There was just something about the way Maxie’s fantasizes were written that was unappealing and quite repulsive - I think it was because of maturity level in which it was written. It also, as a reader, really ticked me off that Philippe went running to Maxie only after Renee had left him. Not very flattering.

Overall, I’m sad to say it is not a book I would recommend.

Enchanting Reviews
October 2007

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