Tuesday, June 30, 2009

COP'S DAUGHTER: GRACE by Laura Marie Henion

Whiskey Creek Press
240 pages
ISBN# 978-1-59374-391-8
Price: N/A (ARC)
eBook - Available October 2007

Rating: 4.5 Enchantments

At age 9, Grace Martin faced a facet of life no person desires to encounter. Now, years later, Grace is a detective with the NYPD, following in the footsteps of her illustrious cop father. Grace is very good at her job, and has an affinity for mapping out the mind of killers. Undercover work is another one of her fortes.

Lieutenant Max Mathews is on a complicated case. Women are going missing, and he has to put a stop to it. A hardened, street-tough and savvy cop, Max needs Grace’s help on this one.
Grace’s own cases of missing women bring her in touch with Max. Both cannot deny the magnetic attraction between them. It is even more disturbing for Grace who never allows herself to simply be a woman and always views herself as a cop, first and final.

As Grace figures out a connection between the disappearances, an undercover operation brings her face to face with the mastermind behind the sordid affair. This man, known as the Master, runs an illegal sex slave network. He abducts those women for his clients who require a sex slave. But now the Master has something else on his mind – he has identified his own sex slave, and her name is Grace Martin.

Will Grace take the fall? Her father died because of the ‘job’. Will History repeat itself?
If it is suspense you crave, this is the book for you. Rarely have I been kept on the edge of my seat from such gripping tension and anticipation. Not to mention the sizzling tension and raw attraction between Grace and Max that simply simmers off the pages. Ms. Henion knows her craft. She creates a captivating world, and her descriptions will allow the readers to close their eyes and connect immediately with her vividly portrayed settings. The twists and turns in this one sure make it a page-turner.

Enchanting Reviews
October 2007

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