Tuesday, June 30, 2009


Whispers Publishing
ISBN# Not Assigned
56 pages
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Rating: 5 Enchantments

Susan Collins admits she is a rich girl and maybe somewhat spoiled, but she stood up to her father and married the man she chose. However, that may be blowing up in her face now, and Susan may have to not only admit her father was right, but leave her home as well.

Nathan Collins is a successful business man, and though in love with his wife, he may have been paying more attention to his Construction Company. He now runs the risk of losing the one thing that makes his life worth living.

Susan and Nathan are having marital problems, severe ones. She is tired of it all and wants out. Nathan has no idea why Susan went from wanting marriage counseling to a divorce but he refuses to give up on her or them.

When Susan produces evidence that would make any wife run, can Nathan prove to her that he is innocent? Can Nathan give his wife the type of marriage she wants? Will one storm and a beach house be what this couple needs to reconcile, or will Susan listen to her father and ignore her aching heart?

FINDING PASSION is the perfect combination of love, lust, and marriage. It shows how two people infatuated with each other can find themselves no longer with the person they really love and want. Ms. Tyner shows how we can all make mistakes but at the same time make them right by giving the person we love everything we are and treasuring everything they give back. I rate this book a perfect 5 Enchantments.

October 2007

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