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Paranormal Romance
Avon Paranormal Romance
Sensuality Level: Sexy
ISBN# 978-0-06-166785-5
360 Pages
Paperback—Available Now

Rating: 4 Enchantments

Jack is the son of the legendary Casanova. He’s not a legendary lothario like his father and at times, just wishes to blend in amongst the other vampires. But when the bachelor party gets out of hand and two police officers come to the door, he does his best to wipe their memories and get them out of the room as fast as possible. The man is easy to control, but the woman, Jack can’t control her at all. There’s something about Lara, besides the fact he can’t alter her mind, that Jack finds interesting. But is it going to end up being his downfall? The last thing a vampire needs to do is get entangled with a mortal whom he can’t wipe away their memories if things go bad.

After a horrible car accident left her injured, Lara Boucher picked up and moved to NYC with her hospital roommate and became NYPD. Now on the way to making detective, Lara finds herself investigating the case of disappearing girls off university campuses. But there’s one thing that disturbs Lara, other then her attraction to Jack—the girls’ disappearances all seem to have a theme to them, and that theme shares something with Jack.

I loved Jack in SECRET LIFE OF A VAMPIRE but I have to say it took me a good while to like Lara. Up till around their first date, I wasn’t sure whether I wanted these two to end up together at all. As the son of Casanova, Jack should have the same skills with women as his father, but if his past has taught him anything, it’s that women usually can’t accept who he is. But with Lara, he’s willing to risk more then he thought possible. The chemistry between these two characters was almost instantaneous and continued like that throughout the book. One of my favorite scenes is when the two first meet and Lara is horrified at what she finds in the hotel suite, deciding that Jack’s attacked the two women in the bedroom (who are really nothing more than plastic dolls filled with blood) and that a passed out and blood stained Laszlo is in need of paramedics. It’s hilarious to see Jack try to get rid of her and her partner while she keeps discovering everything he doesn’t want a mortal to see.

A good addition to the series, SECRET LIFE OF A VAMPIRE will keep readers of this popular series happy with Jack’s story. I look forward to seeing which of the vampires we get to read about next.

Ms. Sparks lives in the greater Houston area with her husband, children and a houseful of garlic. Visit Ms. Sparks online at her website,

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June 2009

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