Thursday, July 9, 2009

HOLD by Zannie Adams

Futuristic Romance
Ellora’s Cave
ISBN# 9781419912849
eBook - Available now

Rating: 5 Enchantments

Imprisoned for a violation against the Coalition, mistakenly assuming that while she was given permission to explore the Imperial Palace of Karna, the permission also extended to digging on the Palace grounds, archeologist Riana is sent to the prison planet, Genus 6. A prison guard is kind enough to give her advice during her processing. In order to survive, she must align herself with the strongest man in the Hold. To give herself to him in exchange for his protection.

Dropped in the Hold, Riana is immediately surrounded by the predatory inmates, all wanting to have her. She notes the solitary man in a cell watching the goings on. Thorn, one of the Alphas, gives her the choice of him or he will give her to all the other prisoners. Not liking the cold, selfish look of him, Riana kicks him and chooses the loner in the cell.

Cain had been in the Hold for a year now. He had learned to survive by showing little or no emotion. By being stronger than all the rest. When Riana faces him through the bars, begging to be let in, he cannot refuse. While she realizes she must go through with the inevitable physical relationship, she is surprised by the actual pleasure and passion she feels for him.

Riana and Cain’s relationship is one of few words, but of great emotion. Cain is very driven and focused on finding an escape route. Riana is not sure of Cain’s feelings for her, though she knows she is growing to care for him. Riana is scared that when he does escape, he will not take her with.

I could not put this book down. It was as if something grabbed me and made me sit and finish the book in one afternoon. Ms. Adams had my undivided attention as I followed her characters, Cain and Riana. I was skeptical at first, but she gave such depth to Cain and Riana, that while the setting primarily took place in their cell, I just HAD to continue reading to see what their plan was to escape, and how their relationship developed. The chemistry between them was so hot and all-consuming, I think my pages began to smolder.

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November 2007

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