Tuesday, February 1, 2011

AFTERTIME by Sophie Littlefield

Dystopian / Post-Apocalyptic
Luna Books, a division of Harlequin Enterprises
Sensuality Rating: Sexy
ISBN #978-0-373-80336-1
384 Pages
Paperback: February 15, 2011

Rating 5 Enchantments

In post-apocalyptic California, people are struggling with day to day survival. Bio-warfare decimated the landscape, killing off plants and animals, only the hardiest survived. Then came the blue-leaf fever, it didn't kill every one affected, yet those who survived became flesh-eaters, zombies, or more commonly referred to as Beaters.

Cass Dollar can't remember the last 2 months of her life, but that is not a terrible thing, the last she does remember is being taken away by a group of Beaters. The scars on her body tell a story that even she finds hard to believe. She has recovered from the disease, fortunately with no recollection of what she did or became. Now she has one focus, to find her daughter Ruthie.

With the help of the mysterious man everyone calls Smoke, Cass hopes to find Ruthie. Knowing it would be a difficult road, she never envisions the obstacles thrown in the way of their quest. Nor is she prepared for the feelings Smoke has awakened in her .


When I flipped to the last page of AFTERTIME my initial reaction was: WHAT?!? THIS is the END?!? Noooooo, I wanted MORE! I wasn't ready to let Cass, Smoke and Ruthie go yet. I felt as if I was just getting to know them. Lord knows, we barely scratched the surface of Smoke. He is so mysterious, alpha, heroic, kind and SUPER hot! This was a gripping and emotional tale of survival that will keep any reader on their toes, because you just never know what is going to happen when you turn the page.

Cass had lead a pretty lousy life in the Before, one that she strongly regrets. You can feel her yearning to be a better person. Her daughter Ruthie is the reason she keeps going on, yet as the story moved on, I understood that she was starting to care for Smoke, and wanted to be a better person for him also.

Ahh, Smoke is still a delicious mystery. I'm not really sure why he was so eager to leave with Cass and why he never wavered in his faith of her. Of course I'm happy he made the decisions he did. There were a few brief explanations, but he really stuck his neck out for a complete stranger.

AFTERTIME is the first book of a new series I canNOT wait to continue. There were a few spots in the beginning of the book that seemed a bit discombobulated, but that didn't last long, and in all honesty, it worked with the story because Cass was just coming out of her illness and was trying to work things out in her confused brain.

Enchanting Reviewer
January 2011

Sunday, January 23, 2011


Envy Chronicles #4
Paranormal/Sci-Fi/Post Apocalyptic
ISBN #978-0062018632
384 Pages
Paperback/eBook: Available

Rating 4.5 Enchantments

Theo Waxnicki has lived thru the end of the world, literally. During the Change, somehow his physical chemistry was altered. While his twin brother Leo has aged naturally these last fifty years, Theo doesn't look much over 30. He also gained some super-human powers, which has helped him and his brother in their efforts to discover what really happened fifty years ago. Apparently Theo has exhausted his lifetimes, when his last injury becomes fatal. But a jolt brings him back to life.

Selena is known as the “Angel of Death” as people flock to her, believing that she can guide souls to Heaven. When her latest patient is brought to her, she expects he will soon be crossing over, but is shocked when he comes back to life.


Wow, I was not prepared for the emotional roller coaster Joss Ware took me on in her latest installment of the Envy Chronicles. *Please be warned that tissues should be kept nearby.* I've been waiting for Theo's story since first being introduced to him four books ago, thankfully I was not disappointed. Selena was a perfect character for him, having witnesses and lived through much of the same things he did, though she had a very different vision of things. I did find Selena a bit irritating at first, but as I got to know and understand her, her actions made sense. I was devastated by the turn of events, which became a turning point in the story. I liked how Ms. Ware convinced me to find compassion in the most horrific of things.

I loved how Ms. Ware kept the storyline moving as we learned more and more about the Strangers (or the Elite). I also liked learning more about the creation of the gangas, as it brought more of an understanding to what has been going on. I thought she really brought her characters to life. Not just her main characters, but the secondary characters were also very easy to connect with. Sam, Remy, Ian, and Wyatt all had intricate parts that kept me engaged in the story.

I'm really torn. I can't wait for Remy's story...but I can't decided if I want her more with Wyatt or if I want her to be with Ian Marck (I refuse to believe we've seen the last of him). Wyatt is a savior to her, though they seem to butt heads, but there was a connection with Ian. I've always been a sucker for a villain turned hero, but I don't think he's as bad as he's been portrayed. Sure he's no saint, but there's hero potential there, yeah I'm totally crushing on him. :o) Well, I figure Remy will be paired with Wyatt, and I know they will work. I'm also confident that she will find the perfect match for Ian.

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January 2011

Sunday, August 1, 2010


ISBN #978-0-373-77482-1
384 Pages
Paperback: Available August 1, 2010

Rating 4.5 Enchantments

As the eldest son of Sutekh, Lord of Chaos(just one of a string of glorious titles), Dagan Krayl is the most feared soul reaper, gathering the wickedest souls for his father to consume. When his brother is brutally murdered, Dagan is determined to find and destroy those responsible.

Roxy Tam is an Asetian Guard of the Daughters of Aset, set on protecting the innocent. She finds herself drawn to Dagan as she joins him on the quest to seek answers to his brothers death, uncovering a plot destine to cause war in the Underworld.


Roxy and Dagan have a bond that pulls them together, neither is sure why, though Roxy has a pretty good idea. I love the passion and determination each of them show, for each other, and for what they believe in. Dagan is a delicious being that I would love to be able to take a bite out of. The heat of desire between him and Roxy keeps the pages smoldering, that and the action-packed adventure they embark on to find the truth keeps the pages turning. Roxy is a bit more reluctant to let go of herself than Dagan, she has her secrets and fears, but Dagan is able to draw her out, whether she likes if or not.

As the first book of a new dark paranormal series Eve Silver did an excellent job creating a world inhabited by gods, demons, humans and everything in between. She masterfully blended both Earthly and Underworld characters and scenes. I was drawn into a whole new world that I cannot wait to further explore. Especially as there are answers I still need. I can't wait to see who and what is in store for Dagan's brothers or how everything will be resolved.

Eve Silver is the author of Gothic historical and gritty paranormal romance novels. She also rights speculative romance under the pseudonym Eve Kenin.

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Tuesday, July 20, 2010


Paranormal Romance
Signet Sensuality rating: Spicy
ISBN# 978-0-451-22971-7
352 pages
Print Paperback- Available Now

Rating: 5 Enchantments
Tully Sullivan is surrounded by crazy people. She wakes up after a 5 week slumber with people telling her she is a dragon. Are they crazy or what. She is a middle aged wife and mother who is a mage apprentice. She would know if she is some legendary dragon. Wouldn’t she?
Baltic is the dreaded and feared Wyvern of the black dragons. At least he used to be until he died. Now he is just dreaded and feared simply because he is dead. That and the fact that he seems to pop up and disappear as no other dragon can do and he leaves a trail of bodies behind him. Is he really alive or is he just the ghost of the once great and powerful wyvern.
LOVE IN THE TIME OF DRAGONS is the first book in the light dragons series. Although this is a new series it, like all the other dragon series, tie together so it is best to read the books from the first green dragon book, YOU SLAY ME. The hero in this book is anything but a hero. He is the ex-wyvern of the black dragons. He slayed hundreds of dragons in the wars, and is even currently responsible for dozens of deaths in present day. He had no equal and nothing could take him down. That is until the death of his beloved mate Ysolde. It was her death that caused him to get a moment of weakness and ultimately he paid in his life. That was hundreds of years ago, so how is it that he is alive and kicking now?

Tully Sullivan, mage apprentice, has mysterious dreams. In these dreams there is one who is so dark and mysterious he feels so real. But she is not scared of him. She has moments in time where she passes out, often for weeks at a time. But her memory seems to falter. Could these dreams be memories coming back to the surface? Who is this mysterious man and why does she have a connection to him when other people seem to even curse his name?

This is the book I have been waiting for! Katie MacAlister has outdone herself. Each of her books seem to be better than the rest but this one is by far my favorite. Of course when the next one in the series comes out I will probably think that one is the best too.

Baltic is a hero unlike any of our other heroes. Drake is a grumpy dragon set in his ways, Gabriel is a loving and kind dragon, and Baltic is a bad boy. He never tries to make excuses for his actions and he never apologizes for them. He has a lot to atone for and he is willing to. He steps up and takes on the role of father quite well. In fact that is a part that I did not really like. He went from complaining about Tully’s son to the next page making him call him dad. I just expected a little more resistance.

Tully, or Ysolde, is completely opposite of Baltic. She is just a big mess. I am still not sure why she passes out for weeks at a time, but I am hoping that the other books will explain that. She also went from thinking everyone was crazy, to thinking she was crazy, to all of a sudden accepting it all. She is a big mystery but I am sure each of the books in this series will help to reveal a little more about her. Brom is a character that I think has more to him than meets the eye. I am expecting a big surprise by the end of the series.

Overall this book was great. There is very little I think I would change. I am so happy that Mrs. MacAlister keeps all of her past characters involved in her current books. I am thinking that each dragon set will end up having a series. The Blue dragons will be interesting, and the red dragons are completely mysterious but the black dragons are a group that I am dying to read about. Kostya is a character that seems has yet to be fully developed. He is an active part of these books, after all he was Baltic’s second in command and best friend, and I hope his character keeps revealing more of himself. One thing Katie MacAlister does is keep you wanting more.

Katie MacAlister is the author of several paranormal, historical and contemporary series. She even has a young adult series that she writes under the name Katie Maxwell. To find out more about her and her amazing books please visit her website at http://www.katiemacalister.com/

April 2010

SINFUL by Charlotte Featherstone

Historical Romance
Harlequin Spice
Sensuality Rating: Sizzling
ISBN #978-0-373-60543-9
336 pages
eBook & Trade Paperback—Available Now

Rating: 4.5 Enchantments

Jane Rankin's only goal in life is to be respectable. Her past has shown her what happens to those without such a goal, and she refuses to put herself into that position. She's a paid companion by day, and a nurse by night. Her job as a companion has placed her on the edge of the aristocracy. She began nursing to fulfill a debt, but in it she has found respectable work that she enjoys and can envision herself to continue on into the future.

Matthew, Earl of Wallingford, is a disreputable rake. He would rather debase himself with scandal than become a respectable hypocrite. He suffers from a secret that he can never divulge. Something so shameful that he could not it bear to be known. He cannot open himself up to the vulnerability of emotion.

When Matthew is beaten and left for dead, he awakens to the touch and sound of an Angel. Jane makes him yearn for her in a way he's never felt about anybody. Jane is drawn to Matthew's forbidden touch. Can either of these lost souls learn to trust and love one another?


SINFUL by no means follows any standard formula for historical romance. I was enthralled by Jane and Matthew's actions and emotions in reaction to their painful life experiences. While the last ¼ of the book ticked me off, I could still appreciate the unconventional Happily Ever After. I really liked this story, I just didn't care for how some of the predicaments where handled.

I hated the situations Jane and Matthew were forced into, as their choices were abysmal, but that is also what made this book so good, as it forced the characters to move on into directions that I wouldn't have foreseen. I'll be honest, part of my reason for reading romance is that awful situations can be easily solved by the authors stroke of a pen. I commend Ms. Featherstone for NOT doing that. In her writing she brought forth so many emotions. The sizzling heat of passion between Jane and Matthew kept the pages fairly smoldering, and I could feel the pain and hate that Matthew and Jane faced.

This was my first experience with Charlotte Featherstone, but it will not be the last, as she has shown me that she can write a HOT romance with some very enticing characters and interesting plot twists, that I don't see coming.

Enchanting Reviews
July 2010

DOPPELGANGSTER (an Esther Diamond Novel) by Laura Resnick

DOPPELGANGSTER (An Esther Diamond Novel)

Urban Fantasy
Fantasy DAW
ISBN# 978-0-7564-0595-3
Sensuality Rating: Sexy
400 Pages
Paperback—Available Now
Rating: 5 Enchantments

When out-of-work actress Esther Diamond turns part-time waitress at Stella’s, a restaurant favored by some of NYC’s most powerful mob families, she couldn’t expect that it would be any more dangerous than usual. Besides, she’s dating Lopez, a cop, and that should be enough to keep some of the touchy-feely types at bay. Yet Lopez’s warning to be careful comes true when Esther witnesses the hit on Chubby Charlie at her table up close and personal. Suddenly, she’s on the cover of every tabloid in the city. Lopez wants her to quit her job and Lucky, the aging hitman wants her help in solving the case before the cops.

Within a few pages, DOPPELGANGSTER quickly became one of my favorite Urban Fantasy reads! Filled with unique and fun characters from Esther to Lucky, the aging hitman, to the mysterious 350 year old mage, Max and his new familiar Nelli, it was easy to slip into the world Ms. Resnick created.

The mystery of whose behind the mysterious death of Chubby Charlie gets deeper when Johnny Be Good is found dead, followed shortly later by another. Suddenly not only Esther’s in danger, but so is Lucky, Max and Lopez, who’d still rather keep Esther out of his investigation. There was so much going on, with twists and turns over who was behind the deaths, who was targeted next and how were Esther and company going to figure things out before it was too late that I had to read the book in one sitting, it was just that good.

It’s hard to pick a favorite scene to highlight for the review, but one that sticks out in my mind is when Lucky organizes a sit-down between the two families shortly after Johnny Be Good is found dead and Max and Esther have to come to the meeting, dressed to fit in. It's hilarious and gives the reader more questions than answers on who could be next and whether or not the real killer is in that room with them.

Fans of Urban Fantasy looking for a fresh read should definitely pick up DOPPELGANGSTER. With its humor and mystery, it has earned a spot on my keeper shelf. Look for the next Esther Diamond novel, UNSYMPATHETIC MAGIC on sale August 3, 2010.

Visit Ms. Resnick online at www.lauraresnick.com to learn out more about this series, including excerpts, and info on the reissuing of the first book in the series.

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June 2010

SOUL DANCER by Aurora Rose Lynn

Science Fiction Romance
Resplendence Publishing, LLC
Sensuality Rating: Sizzling
ISBN# 978-1-60735-140-5
Pages 49
E-book April 2010

Rating: 5 enchantments
Jamar, the second born male of an affluent Jaquill family on the planet Manitee-a, is involved in actions that might negatively affect his relationship with his parents, older brother Bara, and most importantly the laws of his society: bedding with a kattanee slave.

Kierra, Jamar's object of obsession fears reprisal from all parties, especially from the law. The penalty is death if anyone was ever to discover her affair with her master, Jamar.

Their society has put a wedge between them and has clearly established the nature of their relationship. Katanees are the white slaves of the Jaquill, the dominant black class of the planet.

Prior to reading this novel, I had a preconceived notion of sci-fi romance weird and difficult to pronounce names and places. However, I breezed through this story without stumbling. The romance between the Kierra and Jamar was touching, while the sex scenes were awesome to the point were you could actually feel their pain and anguish as the story evolved. I am definitely looking forward to reading another story by Ms Lynn.

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June 2010

Monday, June 21, 2010

CRAZY FOR LOVE by Victoira Dahl


Contemporary Romance
ISBN #9780373774623
384 Pages
Paperback Available July 2010

Rating 5 Enchantments

After her finance fakes his death to avoid marrying her, Chloe Turner is branded the worlds most heinous Bridezilla. For a bit of relief from the paparazzi, Chloe and her best friend Jenn escape to a quiet island get away.

World renowned treasure hunter Max Sullivan seeks to stay out of the limelight. Hoping for a peaceful vacation on a tranquil island, he agrees to go with his brother, Elliot, to help him learn how to sail.

When the two friends catch a glimpse of their hot island neighbors, they decide that an island fling is just what Chloe needs to regroup and relax. Max thinks that Chloe is an uncomplicated sweet girl, just right for an island affair. But can Max handle the media frenzy when Chloe's identity is discovered?


This book CRUSHES everything I have read so far this year, actually, it's the best book I've read in a very long time. I could NOT put it down once I started, I stayed up until 2am finishing CRAZY FOR LOVE. Victoria Dahl did a phenomenal job, creating intelligent, entertaining, passionate characters that I absolutely fell in love with. I laughed, I cried and I ended the book with a sigh of happiness.

Chloe was handed such a crappy hand by her ex-fiance and the media, but she was determined to ride it out. I loved the strength she showed to overcome her problems. Though her little break down, while not much for helping her cause, was funny, and a well-deserved stress reliever, it also made her very realistic...who wouldn't want to throw Chinese food at the paparazzi?!

Max was a manipulative control-freak, I know that sounds bad, but he did it because he had a major phobia of people getting hurt or ruining their lives, when he could have done something to prevent it, because of that, it was an endearing characteristic. Chloe saw right through him and wasn't afraid to call him out on it. I loved their sexy banter, their red hot passion and the emotional journey they took us on, as they both had things to resolve before their Happily Ever After. But, Max really ticked me off when he finally decided to stop being the savior of all, as he had terrible timing.

I liked Max's brother, Elliot, he was so sweet and deserved to find happiness. But I did not like Chloe's friend Jenn, I just couldn't agree with her actions. But then again, I happen to be a very blunt and upfront person, and in my opinion, secrets from you friends do nothing but hurt them, if you can't tell your best friend ANYthing, then you aren't being a good friend.

I can't wait until CRAZY FOR LOVE comes out in print, so that I can buy a copy for my keeper shelf and a couple copies for my friends, it was so good that I can't wait to share it! Also, I can't wait until August, when A LITTLE BIT WILD, Victoria Dahl's new historical series will be released.

Enchanting Reviewer
April 2010

Sunday, March 21, 2010


Paranormal YA
Delacorte Press
ISBN# 978-0385735032
192 pages
Trade—Available Now

Rating: 4 Enchantments

What a fun read! Eighteen year old Algonquin "Alley" Rhodes is determined to get out of small town Cornersville Trace and head to Seattle, where there has be a bigger dating pool. Unlike some of the other girls at school, she isn't aspiring to date an 'undead': a/k/a a vampire, werewolf, or zombie. But one night, covering the local band scene she meets Doug, a guy who sings Cole Porter songs and makes her feel like swooning, something she's never felt before.

Readers looking for a fun, laugh out loud paranormal read should definitely pick up I KISSED A ZOMBIE AND I LIKED IT. This book truly has it all. From plot to interesting characters, including the high school guidance counselor who doesn't believe in mixed relationships between the living and the undead, to amazing wit and a moment the reader can't wait for: Alley to realize the truth about Doug. But along the way Alley realizes the truth about herself, that she doesn't exactly like being the snarky sarcastic 'ice queen' she is at school and prefers who she is when she's with Doug. The humorous moments are plenty, thanks especially to Alley's voice and the situations Mr. Selzer puts the characters in.

One of my favorite scenes is when Alley and Doug go on their first date. There's something a little odd about Doug, but Alley can't quite put her finger on what it is. But if there was a perfect guy in the world for her, Doug could seriously fit his description.

To learn more about Mr. Selzer and his books, visit him online at http://www.adamselzer.com/

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February 2010

DREAM LIFE by Lauren Mechling

DREAM LIFE (Dream Girl #2)
Paranormal YA
Delacorte Books
ISBN# 978-0385735230
336 Pages
Hardcover—Available Now

Rating: 4.5 Enchantments

When her best friend Becca starts acting funny after returning home from holidays, Claire feels abandoned, until she finds out Becca's been tapped for a secret society, and surprisingly she gets 'invited' to join herself. But if only things were that easy. It seems there's a rival society out to get the Blue Moons and take over New York for themselves. Soon Claire finds herself in the thick of things, trying to solve the mystery before their top secret plans are disclosed and the group is relegated to nothing more than a name forever.

DREAM LIFE is my favorite book in the Dream Girl series so far. The characters seemed much more formed this time and I found myself liking Claire a lot more. DREAM LIFE stands well on its own, so if you haven't read the first novel 'Dream Girl' don't worry about it. The world created is at times a bit eccentric but nonetheless fun to visit.

My favorite scenes happened when Claire was tapped to become a member of the Blue Moons. From the scene where they 'grabbed' her to where the hangout was actually located were really fun. Also, the friendship between Claire and her unusual society grandmother, Kiki, continues, climaxing at her grandmother's birthday party, a scene which turns out to be so horrific for Claire, I could only hope she'd get out of there as fast as she could.

Overall DREAM LIFE is a really fun and unusual read. I can't wait to return to Claire's world and see what happens next.

Lauren Mechling is the coauthor of all three 10th-Grade Social Climber books. She has written for the New York Times, Marie Claire, and Seventeen. She lives and writes in New York City. You can visit her at www.laurenmechling.com.

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February 2010
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